Live Stream LDS General Conference to Apple TV (Updated)

[Update 2]
The current version of iOS no longer needs this bookmarklet for video AirPlay streaming to work. Thanks to those who have commented.

There was a problem with wordpress auto converting some of the single quotes in the code that you copy and paste. I have updated it and tried it again and it appears to work. Let me know if you have problems. Enjoy conference!

See all photos at the bottom.

This took all of the first session today, I finally got it working at the end of the last talk but I will be able to enjoy this for the rest of the sessions.

Please give me a link if this works for you as it will help to get the word out. You can link this page on your facebook or twitter but I would be happy to know if this helped other people.

Things needed.

  • iPhone(4?) – not sure if the 4 is required but thats all I have
  • Apple TV2

Verify that your network is setup correctly. You should be able to go to in safari on your web browser, and select to watch General Conference. This will will bring you to the page shown below.

From here you can click on the play button and it should start playing the video. At this point if your network is setup right and your atv2 is on, you should see the airplay button. You can then select to play on the apple tv.

At this point you will probably notice that only the audio is transfered and no video. This is the purpose of this post. To get the video to play as well requires the use of a bookmarklet. These are javascript applications that are run on top of an existing website ( What it does is tell safari to send not only the audio, but also tells it to send the video when you tell it to send to the apple tv.

To setup the bookmarklet open safari on your iphone do the following.

  • Open Safari on your iphone
  • Browse to this page
  • Copy the following code (notice it does not look like it copies it all, but it does)


  • Open your bookmark menu
  • Add a new bookmark
  • Edit the bookmark url and instead of the web address paste in the code you copied before
  • Save the bookmark

Thats all you need to do to get the bookmarklet setup.

From here it is simple. Go again to, watch conference. When the page loads and you see the big play button on the video, before you click it, open up your bookmarks and select to open your bookmarklet (as if you were going to that bookmarked page). Instead of taking you to a new page this will reload the video. Once the play button appears again you will now be able to click play, select your apple tv to stream to and you are now enjoying the conference on your apple tv. You will probably want to plug in your iphone so it stays charged up while watching conference.

All the credit for this post goes to two sites, the first that had the solution, and the second which is more important, the person who actually wrote the bookmarklet. Big thanks to him!